CLC collection


After much of innovative experience from our pass, and with our latest “Scandinavian”
concept, We have come up with our new CLC collection.


CLC stands for “ Combination of Lightless and Constructivity”. we wanted to combine the beauty of acetate together
with beta titanium construction. yet, the frame has to be light and strong. therefore,
we went to the acetate factory and developed an acetate with rougher fiber, So that
the material is lighter but still remain the rigidity. and due to the rough fiber structure,
it also gives the material a wood finish like texture, which Is perfect for our
“Scandinavian” theme! The frame has no after treatment whatsoever. Everything
you see is natural. no color added. just pure arts and crafts hand finish. hinge and
rim lock are from our unique m.kenics designs, which they are durable and easy to