CL collection


CL Stands for – Compress Lightening technology for acetate. one of our greatest achievement, this collection is one of the thinnest acetate available in the world. if not the one. total thickness is only about 2mm. it is extremely light and yet, it is extremely strong and stable. following the basic of no screws or soldering/welding principle, this collection is for those who wants the highest standard whereas compromise is not an option.
* not using screws for structural bonding

* not using soldering for structural bonding

* non plated beta titanium

* Using the highest grade beta titanium available

* Special polish treatment to make all edges as smooth as possible

* advance compress lightening technology in order to achieve the acetate total thickness of 2mm

* all acetates we used are two to three times more expensive than the conventional acetate for quality and durability. they are all tested individually, making sure they can handle the special treatment for the lightening process

* patented design hinge require no screws or soldering whatsoever, and its been tested for closing and opening for 150000 times without losing

* self adjust nose pad that follows your nose contour

* suspension nose pad designed to provide extra comfort for long hour use